Single -use injection needles

The thin-wall cannula of the Luminject Injection Needle has a larger inner diameter compared to standard-wall needles which improves the flow-rate of the anesthetic. The reduced pressure during the injection causes less initial pain. Luminject Injection Needles are especially recommendable for application in pediatric and sensitive patients. The bevel mark for an optional injection position reduces the risk of tissue damage. The 30G, 31G and 33G Needles are suitable for infiltration and intraligamentous anesthetic, upper jaw and anterior tooth area. Each needle-container has a sterility heat-seal, LOT No. and expiration date.The Luminject Injection Needles are certified and manufactured according to European Standard ISO/ DIN 7885. The Colour Coding accords to DIN EN ISO 6009.




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black, blue, brown

  • Three-edge lancet grinding
  • Siliconized cannula for a painless injection
  • Bevel mark
  • Metric hub
  • Thin wall tube with bigger lumen (inner diameter)
  • Better flow rate
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide
  • Suitable for cylinder ampoule syringes
  • Precise thread for easy handling