Methacrylic silane

Active substance:

Methacrylic silane

Available packages:

2ml syringe

Application and properties:

Silane is applied on porcelain after etching, before use of bonding system for increase durability of bonding between resin and porcelain.


Store in the original packaging in the temperature up to 25°C, out of the reach of children.

Empty package recycle or bring back to the manufacturer.

Expiration date for use is printed on the product label.







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Available Options:


black, blue, brown

  1. Isolate the operation field with rubber-dam, apply small amount of etching gel on prepared procedure spot (matt and dry). Screw the safety plug into the syringe immediately after use (picture 1)
  2. Leave the etching gel for 60 seconds
  3. Rinse and dry precisely the operation field (picture 2)
  4. Embrocate silane into previously etched porcelain surface (picture 3)

Do not rinse! Dry with airflow.

Porcelain surface is ready for bonding system application.

SILANE and the etching gel YELLOW PORCELAIN ETCH allow reparation of the dentures in the dental office, directly in the patient’s oral cavity.

The porcelain etch is used for porcelain etching by reparation of the dentures in the patient’s oral cavity, as well as for the preparation of the porcelain veneers, crowns or inlays prior to cementation.

Silane is applied on porcelain after etching, before use of bonding system.

Both preparations are packaged in handy syringes with suitable brush applicators. Dense, jelly and yellow porcelain etch contains hydrofluoric acid which is buffered this way that no noxious vapours are leaching while dental treatment (what may happen in case of etchants used by dental technicians). Thanks to that property it is possible to etch the porcelain in the patient’s oral cavity. For prevention soft tissues it is also recommended using rubber-dam.

Irritating substance. May cause the eyes, skin and airways irritation.

In case of the contact with the eyes rinse copiously with clear water and contact with the doctor.

In case of skin irritation wash it out with water and soap.

After ingestion don’t cause emesis but contact with the doctor.

While reparation in the patient’s oral cavity using the rubber-dam and any protection for the patient’s eyes is obligatory.

Use air extractor during etching process.

Use protective clothing for the personnel (clothing, gloves, protective dental visors).