Dosing Block MTA+

MTA+ dosing block is designated for forming precise doses of MTA+ product which is ready for application into the tooth cavity or  root canal.

  • facilitates application of the preparation into the treatment field
  • shortens working time
  • has marked grooves on each side of  the block with the following diameters: 0,7; 0,8; 0,9; 1,00 mm.

Handling the dosing block MTA+:

1. Prepare MTA+ product following the package leaflet given by the manufacturer to MTA+ product. On each side of the dosing block there are several differently sized grooves of the diameter from 0,7 mm  to 1,00 mm (photo 1)

2. Place ready for application product on one side of the dosing block in such the manner that the product fills the chosen groove.

3. Formed and desired dose of material should be carried from the dosing block by means of the chosen sterile  instrument (photo 2)

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