Calcium hydroxide for making pastes

HYDROCAL is of a mix of calcium salts for making pastes and dental fillings.

Active substance:

Calcium hydroxide 30%

Available package:

– container of 10g

The main adventage of this product is long lasting antibacterial effect and stimulating action for creating mineralized barriers.

It exerts bactericidal action, it acts sterilizing on the superficial pulp layers, while neutralizing the environment it sooths the inflammable reaction.

It also stimulates the pulp tissues for creating dentine scar (creating the dentine bridge in the area of pulp revealing) and stimulates the odontoblasts for creation process of reparative dentine.

It has also a drying effect that has a great meaning in case of persistent inflammatory exudates.

It causes dissolving of the residue of vital pulp after anaesthetic extripation (desensitizing effect) as well as dissolving organic residue in places which are not available for the root canal instruments.







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Available Options:


black, blue, brown

  • Temporary root canal dressing used between appointments
  • Treatment of infected root canals
  • Dressing causing remineralisation of partially decalcified dentine
  • Treatment dressing for indirect pulp capping, stimulating dentine bridge creation
  • Anti-bacterial inlay for disinfecting canals during treatment of irreversible inflammations and necrosis of the pulp as well as continuous inflammations of the periapical tissues
  • Inlay for disinfecting canals during treatment of irreversible inflammation and pulp necrosis
  • Temporary root canal filling stimulating rebuilding of bones during treatment of continuous inflammation of periapical tissues
  • Permanent root canal filling of the decisuous teeth
  • Root canal filling for the roots broken in the alveolus
  • Root apex filling used for so called biological closure of apical foramen of the tooth

Mix calcium hydroxide with chosen liquid on the glass plate until obtaining creamy consistency.

As temporary filling used for indirect and direct pulp capping:

1. prepare the cavity (picture 1)

2. apply preparation onto the bottom of cavity and fill the cavity with temporary or permanent filling (picture 2)

As temporary root canal filling:

1. prepare the canal mechanically by means of products for chemomechanical preparation (Endo-SOLution, Endo-Prep), rinse copiously (Chloraxid) and dry the canal (i.e. Canal Clean) (picture 3)

2. for root canal drying use Endo-aspirator and paper points (picture 4)

3. fill the canal with HYDROCAL by means of Lentulo, remove excess of the paste, close the cavity tightly (i.e. Total Blend) leave for about 30days, after that period exchange temporary (picture 5)