Face Masks

Monoart® Face Masks

Disposable Monoart® Face Masks are class I medical devices that provide exceptional comfort and total protection for staff. They come in 3-layer and 4-layer versions, to suit different needs. In addition, there are disposable face masks with floral patterns for fashion-conscious users.


Two versions are available: with 3 or 4 layers. They are made entirely of hypo-allergenic materials and guaranteed to last for 3 hours.


External layer made of water-repellent non-woven fabric for protection from dust and moisture. Lining with particle and bacteria filters. Protection 4 also comes with a polymeric filter for excellent resistance against fluids.


Absorbent non-woven fabric lining for effective absorption of perspiration and humidity. Built-in nose bridge.


The unmistakeable look of Euronda Monoart® colours.


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black, blue, brown