Active substance:

eugenol oil 100%

Available packages:

– bottle of 10 ml, 20 ml

Eugenol is commonly used as a liquid for making pastes for root canal filling (Endomethasone, Caryosan), temporary filling of cavities or for pastes used by indirect pulp cappping (Caryosan, zinc oxide).

Eugenol can also be used for root canals disinfecting during the treatment of pulp gangrene as well as by dentine impregnation with silver nitrate.

Eugenol is a main component of the oil of cloves (oleum caryophylli), it has a strong bactericidal and desensitizing effect. It is hard dissoluble in water.


Mainly used with zinc oxide, it acts:

  • bactericidal
  • desensitizing
  • improves the healing process


For making pastes used for:

  • root canal fillings
  • temporary cavity filling
  • indirect pulp capping

Pastes with eugenol shouldn’t be used under composites since they may disturb polymerization process.







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Available Options:


black, blue, brown

As temporary filler of cavity:

1. prepare the cavity (picture 1)

2. on the bottom of cavity apply paste of runny consistency (picture 2)

3. fill up whole cavity with temporary paste of harder consistency (picture 3)


For temporary root canal filling:

4. prepare the canal mechanically using materials for chemo-mechanical preparation (Endo-Solution, Endo-Prep Cream), rinse

copiously (Chloraxid) and dry the canal (for example Canal Clean) (picture 4)

5. Fill up the canal with creamy paste by means of Lentulo, remove excess of paste, close the cavity tightly, leave for about 30

days, after that period exchange temporary (picture 5)