Citric Acid 40%

Liquid for root canals rinsing

CITRIC ACID 40% removes the smear layer which appeared during mechanical root canal treatment.

It allows for revealing orifices of the dentinal tubuli orifices, precise cleaning of their inside from the pulp debris and then for precise sealant penetration. Citric acid is a substance common in the nature and completely safe for human health and for the environment.

It undergoes a complete biodegradation.

For dental treatment it is recommended to use the solution of 30%-40% concentration.

Active substance:

citric acid 40%

Available packages:

– 200g bottle

+ adapter

While rinsing of the root canal do not apply a heavy stream of the liquid – it can cause the liquid penetration to the periapical tissues and damage them.



  • Enhances mechanical cleaning of the root canal.
  • Removes the smear layer from the walls revealing the dentinal tubuli orifices.
  • Enables revealing, cleaning and precise filling of the canals.

Handling the product Citric Acid 40%:

  1. get the access to root canals (picture 1)
  2. treat the canal mechanically using Chloraxid and products intended to root canal preparation (Endo-Solution, Endo-Prep)(picture 2)
  3. irrigate root canal with Citric Acid 40%; apply the liquid to the root canal by means of the syringe with a needle with side portal (picture 3)
  4. use Endo-aspirator to aspirate the irrigation solution alongside all the debris remaining in the root canal (picture 4)

Easy product identification

In order to make the work easier and make the product identification faster we are offering sets of labeled feeders for our products.

Those are the highest quality syringes labeled with the product name and color adequate to label of the product. This solution minimizes the risk of mistake and enables easy product identification while working.






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Available Options:


black, blue, gray

To increase safety of working with CITRIC ACID 40% we offer set of labelled dispensers – highest quality syringes with endodontic needle.

Rubber ring on the plunger ensures perfect control and smoothness of moving when taking and applying the product.

Syringes are equipped with luer-lock thread that enables connection with needle by screwing it onto the syringe. Luer-lock system is the best protection against accidentally spillage of the product during application.

With dispensers you can use all types of needles available on the market.

As the only one producer worldwide we have introduced bottle with adapter making it easier to take the liquid into the syringe.

Screw end of the syringe into the adapter’s opening located in the neck of the bottle, tilt the bottle and draw liquid directly into the dosing syringe.

It eliminates risk of the liquid spillage while taking the product.

With adapter you can use all disposable syringes available on the market – both luer-lock and lock type.