Canal Clean

Liquid for root canals rinsing and drying

Active substances:

isopropyl alcohol 40%, acetone 40%


Available packages:

– bottle of 45 ml

+ adapter

+ dispenser

+ applicator

Handling the product Canal Clean

To dry the root canal:

  1. prepare  the root canal mechanically (picture 1)
  2. as the last preparation use CANAL CLEAN, apply by means of syringe with endodontic needle, next dry the canal by means of paper points (picture 2)

To remove dressing with iodoform:

  1. apply preparation to the filled root canal (picture 3)
  2. remove dressing with iodoform, if necessary use the next dose of preparation (picture 4)


 CANAL CLEAN is intended for use during dental treatment to rinse the root canals. It accelerates drying of the root canal before filling.

Isopropyl alcohol contained in the product is hygroscopic, it dries the tooth tissues in a very short time, it reduces also surface tension, becasue of that liquid can go even into very small tubuli.

Other components of the product: acetone and ethyl acetate degrease the tooth surface. All substances used in that preparation are characterised by short evaporation time, so drying and degreasing of the surface is possible within a few seconds only.

CANAL CLEAN is also recommended as the last rinsing agent.







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Available Options:


black, blue, gray

 To increase safety while working with CANAL CLEAN we higly recommend set of labelled dispensers – syringes of the highest quality with endodontic needles.

Rubber ring on the plunger guarantees perfect control and fluently movements by drawing up the preparation and by application.

Syringes are equipped with luer-lock thread that enables connection with needle by screwing it onto the syringe.

Luer-lock system is the best protection against accidentally spillage of the product during application.

All types of needles available on the market could be used together with dispensers.