Blue Etch Flow 

Active substance:

o-phosphoric acid 36%

Colour – violet

Available packages:

– 2 ml syringe + applicator

– 10 ml syringe + dispenser + connector + applicators

– 50 ml syringe + dispenser + connector + applicators

– MONSTER PACK 10 x 2 ml syringes + applicators

Based on the properties of the best etchant BLUE ETCH we have developed super flowable BLUE ETCH flow recommended as an etching agent for fissures and cavity seals. Special super flowable consistency, developed under the authority of practitioners dentists, allows perfect etching of hard to reach arreas. Additionally is easy to rinse.


BLUE ETCH FLOW product is used for etching dentine and enamel prior to composites, fissures and cavity seals. Thanks to its carefully formulated semi-solid consistence, BLUE ETCH FLOW reaches inaccessible dental grooves and fissures. The product is also recommended for use before cementing glass fibre crown and root inlays.




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Available Options:


black, blue, brown

Before the treatment immerse attached applicator into the spirit (ethyl alcohol) and then place it onto the syringe.

Apply a thin layer of the etchant onto the dried surface.

Etch no longer than 60 seconds. Rinse with strong air-flow and water (for about 15-20 seconds). Do not dry too much.

In case of enamel impurities repeat the process. Product intended for multiple use except the applicator which is for single use only.

Multiple use of applicator may cause the risk of reinfection.

As one of the few world manufacturers we use a system (adapter) for pumping the product from a big dosing syringe into the small one. It enables in 100% to make the best of thixotropic properties of etching gel.

Implementation of the best quality three-element syringes of luer-lock type (with thread) guarantees safe pumping of preparation from one syringe into the other one.

Usage of the luer-lock type syringes guarantees safe application – syringes are equipped with luer-lock thread that enables connection with needle by screwing it onto the syringe. Luer-lock system is the best protection against accidentally spillage of the product during application.