3I IMP. CONICO 5 x 11.5 mm

3I IMP. CONICO 5 x 11.5 mm



Macrodesign has been carefully optimized through body shapes, thread profile, cutting flutes, and a wide range of diameters and lengths. All implants feature the Southern Implants moderately rough Alumina blasted-surface (with over 15 years of proven clinical success), and selected sizes are available with the Machined Surface Coronal (MSc) hybrid roughness, indicated for patients at high risk of thread exposure or infection.

A smoother collar of specific roughness provides proven resistance against peri-implantitis, and many platform-switch options are available. For those desiring the best of both worlds, Southern Implants also offers an external hex-internal drive option.

The connection geometry makes many variations of implant body possible, including Co-Axis™ and MAX options, as well as standard-diameter and -length implants with cylindrical or tapered bodies.

The external hex connection is also used on specialized osseointegrating fixtures such as the ultra-short, zygomatic and oncology implants, making this the most versatile interface type on the market.