Zygomatico 55º – 50 mm

Zygomatico 55º – 50 mm



55° Zygomatic Implants were introduced by Southern Implants in 2002 to accommodate a higher angle for the restorative table to be in the arch and not the palate providing prosthetic versatility.

More recently, Southern Implants expanded the 55° Zygomatic Implant range with the Oncology Implant and Zygan™ Implant.

The Oncology Implant has a a 15mm threaded apex and a coronal machined surface that can be exposed to soft tissue in oncology resections.

The Zygan Implant features a Narrow-Apex with a smooth mid-section and MSc threaded coronal region. This implant is especially useful in patients with smaller anatomies.


  • 55° optimizes prosthetic versatility
  • Machined sections for exposed soft tissue and decreased rotations
  • Narrow Apex Available for smaller patients and easier placement