Zirix is a ceramic post system in a remarkable material (ZiO2).


Zirconium dioxide is a hard and withstanding ceramic but it has a certain flexibility and the most remarkable capacity to heal any crack that might occur by molecular action and it is 100% biocompatible.


Zirix is the only ceramic post system with a shape including anti-rotation devices and retention slots on both head and bottom part.


Zirix is also surface treated to create extra micro retention.


Zirix is supplied with a special colour coded disposable insertion handle.


Zirix is supplied in 6 sizes with calibrated reamers.


Zirix can be cemented with any cement of your choice and you can use any core material you wish.


The ceramic material zirconium dioxide has for many years been used in dentistry for inlays, crowns and bridges, in particular when using computer controlled grinding machines to make these.


Zirconium dioxide has some outstanding properties. It has of course the bio compatibility and non corrosive qualities of all ceramics. In addition to this zirconium dioxide is not a brittle material, like most other ceramics, but has a certain resilience and does not easily break. It is even said to be able to heal a crack in the material by molecular action.


Our Zirix posts are the only zirconium posts with retention slots on the bottom part and around the head. We also have two flat sides on the bottom part to avoid any rotary movement. The head is octagonal to avoid any rotary movement of the built-up. Zirix is supplied with a simple disposable insertion colour coded key mounted on every post.



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