Ti-Core Auto E

Ti-Core® reinforced core materials are the only patented, titanium and lanthanide reinforced composite material that matches the strength of dentin. Ti-Core resists the ditching and grooving during preparation common to composite, glass and resin ionomer core build-up materials. Ti-Core provides a solid, long lasting restoration.

Ti-Core is available as:

  • Ti-Core: Paste formula, gray shade.
  • Ti-Core Natural: For aesthetic restorations. Paste formula, Shade Vita A3.
  • Ti-Core Auto E: Auto mix syringe. Flowable dual cured composite material in Shade Vita A2.



Clear Core Forms

  •  Tab top for easy pick-up and placement
  •  Reference line for accurate contouring
  • Tapered slides accurate sizing and easy removal
  • Clear for light curing at all angles
  • Polyethylene: Will not stick to core material, easy to trim.
  • 4 sizes for all clinical situations




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black, blue, brown