Protect Light Seal

Dentine protective enamel


1% potassium fluoride, HEMA, purified water Ph Eur

Available packages:

  • Protect Light Seal mini: 3x 1 ml of preparation + set of applicators
  • Protect Light Seal standard: 6 x 1 ml of preparation + set of applicators
  • Protect Light Seal maxi: 10 x 1 ml of preparation + set of applicators

Intended use:

  • Dentine hypersensitivity treatment and prevention especially in the area of the tooth neck
  • Base for cementation or reconstruction of bone tissue
  • Post-treatment hypersensitivity
  • Before taking impressions (on patients with sensitivity to cold)
  • After scaling treatment
  • Liner for restorative materials

PROTECT LIGHT SEAL is a protective varnish for applying on the dentine, intended for use during dental treatment in order to reduce hypersensitivity and on the exposed teeth necks. It improves remineralisation of the dentine and due to fluoride content







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Available Options:


black, blue, brown

Apply the varnish on the tooth surface by means of a disposal brush applicator, wait for 30 seconds, dry with a gentle stream of air. Does not require light curing, when applying a few layers of the preparation the usage of polymerization lamp hastens curing process of the varnish. The brush applicator is for single use only. Multiple use of the brush applicator may cause the risk of reinfection.