Flexi-Post and Flexi-Flange have undergone years of clinical success. Restorative failures are too costly for your practice. Count on the one-and-only US made Flexi-Post and Flexi-Flange. Through the incorporation of the patented split shank, the stresses of insertion are absorbed by the post (not the root) during placement.  Flexi-Post® predictably provides maximum retention with minimal stress!

The Benefits of the Patented Flexi-Post:

  • Cuts into dentin rather than pushing it away.
  •  The split-shank closes upon insertion to deliver maximum retention with minimal stress.
  •  Removes all dentinal debris, enhancing ease of placement.
  •  The head is highly compatible with Ti-Core® Ti-Core® Natural, other composites, glass ionomers and amalgam.
  •  The vertical and horizontal grooves eliminate rotation of core material.


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