Alustat Gel MEGA PACK

Gel for staunching the bleeding 

Active substance:

25% aluminium chloride

Available packages:

  • 5ml syringe + dispenser, connector, set of applicators
  • 10ml syringe + dispenser, connector, set of applicators
  • MEGA PACK – 3 x 10ml + applicators

Application and properties of  Alustat gel

ALUSTAT gel is intended to use during dental treatment to decrease the local swelling and to staunch slight gingival bleedings during and after the dental treatment.

It has an astringent effect, it is antiphlogistic and vasocontrictive.





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Available Options:


black, blue, brown

As one of the few world manufactures we use a system (adapter) for pumping the product from a big dosing syringe into the small one.

Implementation of the best quality three-element syringes of luer-lock type (with thread) guarantees safe pumping of preparation from one syring into the other one.

Usage of the luer-lock type syringes guarantees safe application – syringes are equipped with luer-lock thread that enables connection with needle by screwing it onto the syringe.

Luer-lock system is the best protection against accidentally spillage of the product during application.

  1. by means of applicator insert preparation on the swollen or injured gingiva
  2. after 30 seconds remove preparation with a sterile tampon or with a water stream
  3. repeat action if necessary (picture 3)